Penhaligons Fragrance Selector
Our Work
Penhaligons Fragrance Selector
To connect Penhaligon’s with a new generation of tech-savvy shoppers, translating their luxury in-store experience into the digital domain.
Digital Transformation
UX/UI design
Website Development
Backend Development
Project Manager,
Technology Architect,
App Developers,
Quality Assurance Testers
We created an online version of their unique in-store fragrance profiling system. Visitors to the microsite answered a series of questions, with stunning visuals and animations, in order to establish their perfect fragrances.
We used the following disciplines:
User Journeys
Mobile & Tablet Design
Website Development

The Results

Sent out thousands of sample pairs to 27k unique visitors
Increase in yearly online sales by 20%
We launched in both the UK and in Spain
Why we’re proud
We are happy to have helped Penhaligons kick off their digital transformation and welcome a new wave of customers through their website.