Renault Sport Social Transformation
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Renault Sport Social Transformation
Armed with a set of ambitious KPIs and a mission statement to “transform the everyday into an exhilarating experience”; Renault wanted to become the most engaging brand in motorsport, through the promotion of management of all their digital assets, including their various social media platforms and websites. However, they were struggling to stand out in a cluttered automotive content environment.
Digital Transformation
Content Delivery
Website Redesign
Community Manager
Social Media Manager
Project Manager,
Technology Architect,
Quality Assurance Testers
Embodying the “R.S Spirit” through 4 distinctive social campaigns, we devised a robust content calendar for social, based on the principles of Relevancy, Distinctiveness, and Knowing. Our strategic audience work broke Renaults complex audiences into easily understandable segments for which we could deliver highly tailored content towards. At the same time, we began redesigning the Renault Sport website, rewriting all existing content to make it more engaging, more searchable across organic, and instilling the R.S Spirit throughout.
We used the following disciplines:
User Journeys
Content Delivery

The Results

Increased Renault Sports user interactions by 37%
Increased traffic to the Renault Sports Car section by 41%
One of the top 3 visited websites compared to their competitors
Why we’re proud
Just over a year in to the two-year delivery, we are delivering our R.S social strategy and are constantly hitting KPIs throughout the busiest racing period of the year.