The Laughing Cow Websites
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The Laughing Cow Websites
The Laughing Cow wanted to own “snacking moments” and had been using media & advertising to drive traffic to their site. Users were losing interest quickly and bouncing due to poor UX, uninspiring content and easily missed confusing calls to action.
Digital Transformation
UX/UI design
Website Development
Project Manager,
Technology Architect,
Quality Assurance Testers
We redesigned the site in line with best practice that was user-centric and had the target audience’s digital user behaviours at its core. We created easy sign-up, to receive new recipes. This allowed us to tie in the device ID/IP to a name & email, enabling us to have a channel to communicate through. We then ran a 12 week optimisation period post-launch where we A/B tested different elements. We also launched our branded template to other Bel brands, including Leerdammer, Kiri, and Port Salut.
We used the following disciplines:
User Journeys
Mobile & Tablet Design
App Development

The Results

Average session duration increased by 25%
Doubled the number of returning user sessions
Following the success of TLC UK, HYD developed TLC website across 6 additional markets
Why we’re proud
We were awarded with an Outstanding Website Development award for this project!